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with building central government capacity, which is one of the objectives of the united states and its partners. it may be portant for security gains in the short run, but it poses a long term issue. >> it sounds similar to the approach general petrais employed in iraq. is it similar or different? >> it's very different. the tribes came to the united states and asked for our help in dealing with al qaeda, which was in their midst. al qaeda were outsiders in iraq, and governing in certain parts of the anbar province. the locals didn't like that, and they wanted u.s. help in getting rid of al qaeda. they came to the united states and the united states responded to help them. in afghanistan, it's not so clear that the initiative is coming from the local communities. it seems much more driven by the international community to address the security situation, and that means that the dynamics are going to be very different than what they were in iraq. >> in terms of the obstacles to the approach in afghanistan, what would you say the main ones are, that did not exist in iraq? >> the main one is that i
in iraq, and gerning inertain parts of the anbar province. they came to the united states and theunited states reonded help them. in afghanistan, it's not so clear that the initiative is coming from th local counities. it ems much more iven by the ternational community to address e security situation, and that mns that the dynamics are gog to be very different than what they were iniraq. >> in term of the obstaes to the approach afghanistan, whatould you sayhe main ones are, tt did not exist in iraq? >> the ma one is that in afghanistan,he talib is integrated into ny communities. the reason why can be difficult to tl taliban mbers from nontaliban members, they're integrat into the commity and theirisputes are localized there. in iraq, they were ousiders that camin, and itas ea to tell who they were. the great diffilty in afghanistan is thathey're integrated into th community and that makes it very diffict to come up wit permanent solutions to t kind of nflicts that are goingon. yalties can shift very quickly in ahanistan to favor whichever si is wing. >> okay. thank you very mucfor jo
people are taking issue with the large amount of money the united states hands out to other countries. one of the largest mortgage lenders is trying to help homeowners face foreclosure. that's coming up next. ♪ ♪ ♪ [male announcer] to the men and women of the united states armed forces, the uso delivers the joys and comforts of home. even out here. find out how you can help at the uso. until every one comes home. ♪ fallinbehind on their mortgages, no one profit groups are teaming up to save homeowners from foreclosure. joining us now to talk about this is dwight robinson, a, sr. vice president of community relations at freddie mac. your company is joining 13 no one profit groups to help struggling homeowners. how do you plan to help them? >> we're really excited about our initiative working with non-profit groups for home buyers who may have become discouraged, disillusioned or frustrated with the process of trying to save their homes and to avoid foreclosure. we've teamed up with the non-profits to provide phone counseling that will put people in position to enhance a
for resources for decades. we've seen especially last decade, countries like china, the united states, of course, other countries around the world coming to latin america for all sorts of resources. lithium is a big one but we see soy, iron ore, copper, a basket for the rest of the world. >> is that a concern for the united states? if we see japan and especially if we see china coming to south america, are we not there or where we should be, perhaps? >> it is an zero sum game. we trade with china as well. we're not competing for a lot of these resources. in the end, what the demand, is everything from iron ore to chicken parts to soy really helps grow these economies as well. the issue is that a lot of the chinese companies are there just to extract resources. these are the most exploitative industries that many people denounced.they were there extra resources in latin america before. >>> it is more of a concern for the south american countries themselves than it is say for the united states they engage in the most abusive labor practices, very little environmental controls. so that is part of t
.org. >>> in yemen where the plot was planned, the united states has reopened its embassy after it was closed for two days because of security concerns. u.s. officials say successful counter terrorism operations by yemen had allowed them to resume operations. however, yemen's interior ministry issued its own statement, saying that the security situation in the capital had always been under control. and yemeni security officials say the government has sent thousands of troops to take part in a campaign against al qaeda in three provinces in recent days. as we have seen, the united states has been emphasizing an increasingly cooperative relationship with yemen in the last few days. underscored by comments over the weekend by president obama and a visit to yemen by general david petraeus. the commander of u.s. forces in the region. however, the "washington post" reports today that senior yemeni officials are playing down the partnership, fearing that the government could pay a heavy political price for aligning itself with the united states and appearing too weak to control al qaeda by itself. the artic
to repeal don't ask/don't tell that allows -- that prevents gays from serving openly in the united states military. >> he will do that straight out, and has been under more pressure from gay and lesbian americans and others who support that policy to be more aggressive. he will ask the congress to repeal don't ask/don't tell, and will tell the congress that comprehensive immigration reform is a top priority. the interesting question and expectation is will he put in the pressure on the congress? last year it was pass health care and pass it this year. the president did not get that goal, did not get that critical wish, and they are much more reluctant at the white house this time, understanding the new political math and b, we are closer with each passing minute to the midterm elections. it makes democrats reluctant to touch sensitive issues. >> stand by, because we're going to continue this conversation. i want to about bring in some members of the best political team in television. if you listen to what the president says and thinks, it's clear he feels totally frustrated by the balloon
as techs and resources stocks weigh. and i'm mike huckman in the united states. the economy likely grew at the fastest pace in four years in the fourth quarter, but experts say don't start celebrating just yet. >> hello and welcome to today's program. i'm once again here at the annual meeting of the world economic forum in davos. maria will be joining us shortly, as well. we have a great guest list for you today. we'll be joined we the chief executive of bank of america, brian moynihan. we'll talk to christine lagarde, the french finance minister. we'll be joined by lord mannedelson, amongst a whole host of other guests. we'll be joined by the ceo of china mobile. but before all of that, there's plenty we need to bring you to. christine, over to you. >> hey, ross, good to see you in davos. let's do a quick view where asian markets are trading today. we have earnings in the u.s. are failing to disappoint. they hit some of the tech sector stocks here in asia. of course, we have those concerns about greece and portugal and that seems to be weighing on sentiment, as well. the hang seng off
's to the united states. look at the babies taking care of babies. that bus had to turn around. the state department is allowing children with adoptions in process, already, to get temporary visas. officials will not accept kids if they cannot verify their paperwork is in order. such desperation. >>> california is getting another beating from the weather today. there's a state of emergency in parts of the state. hundreds are wait iing for evacuations to be lifted after the mud slides. in san diego, the longer the rain came down, the worse things got. >> this was a river. it was a river. it literally was a river. >> it was draining very well, even in the heavy rain. the pumps -- something must have stopped or part of them. the rain stopped and the water started backing up. >> conditions are bad now, but you may get a break from the rain soon. bob van dillen is keeping an eye on things. good morning. >> good morning. i want to start with the big picture. a couple storms are out there. the one from yesterday is back inland around idaho and nevada. you can see the frontal boundary as it exten
and in the south american countries compared to what you paid in the united states? also, canada and mexico. i understand canadian wages are much higher. guest: i would really need to bring the manufacturing teams to talk about the wage structure. they are probably the right expert on the topic. in general, we are focused on building great cars, trucks, and crossovers. we have a number of examples where we are building some small cars in the u.s. is clearly a competitive environment out there. we are comparing the wage structure. i would say the manufacturing side would be the best to answer the question. host: the general manager for chevrolet. thank you. more guests coming from the washington auto show. we will speak to representatives of florida and bmw. -- ford and bmw. mike from pennsylvania. no guest right now, but do you have a comment? caller: yes, i was a longtime fan of the pontiac division. i see the discontinued and that -- they discontinued that. that upsets me a little bit. how come they cannot focus more on environmentally-friendly vehicles? host: abilene, texas. lou on the repu
separate automobile models in the united states. this huge move will allow the company to focus on fixing a high profile safety >>> tonight on "nightline," toyota in trouble. the giant automaker is forced to take dramatic action after a series of deaths tied to runaway toyotas. the sale of eight models is suspended, so, is your car safe to drive? got milk? beyond the milk mustache smiles, do you know where your milk really comes. >>? an undercover investigation exposed what critics call barbaric treatment of cows and it is all caught on hidden camera. >>> and mr. independent for president? is outspoken views on illegal immigration and the birther movement have made ima hero and a villain. now he may want your vote. so, wh's next for lou dobbs? >> announcer: from the global resources of abc news, with terry moran, martin bashir and cynthia mcfadden in new york city. this is "nightline," january 2thr toyota's taki o the ow apparently due to stuck accelerato pedals. it follows a pair of massive recalls and the reporting of our own chief investigative correspondent brian ross who has the stor
the disaster zone to the united states. plus, as rescue crews pull more victims from the rubble, food and water remain in short supply. even as president obama offers prayers for haitian victims today, he's keeping an eye on u.s. politics. why a trip to massachusetts could make a difference between getting his health care reform passed or watching it fail. hello, you are watching hln news and views. i'm melissa long. there is a top official leading the u.s. relief efforts in haiti saying issues of violence are hurting rescue attempts to help the victims. while the streets have been largely calm, violence is increasing. about 1,000 u.s. troops are in haiti and about 3,000 others are working from ships. more than 12,000 u.s. forces are expected to be there tomorrow. they are working with local police force and they're beginning to work with security. violence in haiti will continue long after the story fades from the headlines. president obama speaks about how faith gets people through these tough times. >> it's faith that keeps me calm. it's faith that gives me peace. the same faith that leads a
in the uk, germany and the united states. the allelectric vehicle has the backing of the german government as well as leading energy suppliers. the vehicles are leased to the drivers and, at the end of the year, bmw will take them back, dismantle them to learn how they handled in the real world. the big german carmakers are also working on hybrid vehicles which are much more popular in the united states. >>polleit: i think that people have understood the selling argument of having cars which are environmentally friendly, so sooner or later, the market will bring about these reforms and again, great progress has been made and i think there will be further prress down the road. >>pieper: theyve been forced to believe in it...theres no...theres not the motivation from these companies...theres no real belief in this as a future business ...i think they take they have to do it because e politicians, the consumers, the market. the environment demands it. >>reporter: at theecent frankfurt motor show, the german chancellor herself said that electric and hybrid carsare very much the future and said
to describe it. you can say turbulent or chaotic. it is a bloodbath of a year. in the united states, sales will be on the lowest level on a per capita basis since the late 950s. >> tell us some factors that contributed to that year in autos. >> it has been building since 2007 with the collapse in the housing market then we had, in the auto industry, i don't think people realized, the recession didn't start with lehman brothers, it happened before that with collapsing consumer confidence with housing going down in '07 in ski auto marks like california and florida. so even throughout '08 you had gas prices just killing detroit in particular which is much more relying on the light truck segment. then lehman happened and all that just just cascaded into 20d let to massive collapses, each month the sales numbers were horrendous and we're down year to date 24% and the only bright idea was cash for clunkers. >> was that program a big success? can you call cash for clunkers a successful program? >> yes, because it wasn't too long to the point where it is going to pull a ton of 2010 deman in 2009.
>>> madame speaker, the president of the united states. >> job one. president obama says he gets the message. tackling the economy and unemployment must take center stage. >> jobs must be our number one focus in 2010. >>> more trouble for toyota. the world's largest automaker expands its recall in the united states and in europe. >>> and super controversy. a super bowl ad starring university of florida quarterback tim tebow tackles the abortion issue. is this the "cbs morning news" for thursday, january 28th, is this the "cbs morning news" for thursday, january 28th, 2010. captioning funded by cbs >>> good morning. glad you're with us. i'm michelle gielan. this morning president obama heads to florida to announce a grant for a high speed rail system. it's an enterprise to create jobs and job creation was the central theme of last night's state of the union address. the president acknowledged mistakes, chastised republicans and promised to move forward. tara mermgner is in washington with details. >> reporter: well, the president had a lot riding politically on that speech. last n
osama bin laden blaming the united states and others for global warming. the voice is apparently calling for the world to boycott american goods and stopping, quote, the wheels of the american economy. nbc has not been able to verify if the voice is, in fact, bin laden's. >>> also developing now there is a growing chance that the obama administration may move the trial of mastermind of 9/11 out of manhattan. they announced khalid shaikh mohammed and others would be tried just blocks from the world trade center, not too far from here. at first new york city mayor michael bloomberg supported the plan but he changed his mind this week. >> the federal government could find a site that didn't cost a billion dollars, which using downtown will, and it will also impact traffic and commerce and people's lifestyles downtown and it would be great if we didn't do it. >> that prompted three other hig high-profile new york democrats, senators charles schumer, gillibrand to make their concerns public. last night a justice department official told nbc news that it is looking into contingency plans. we'l
that these sales will have a serious negative impact on relations between the united states and china. but earlier in washington the state department maintained this deal is perfectly legit. >> this was a clear demonstration of the commitment that this administration has to provide taiwan the defensive weapons it needs and as provided for in the taiwan relations act. >> shepard: by the way, the deal includes items, such as a 60 black hawk helicopters and 114 advanced patriot missiles. congress has 30 days to object to the deal before it goes through. coalition leaders say three americans died in eastern afghanistan today. two u.s. troops and one government employee. no word tonight on how they died but this brings the total number of american deaths in afghanistan this month alone to 29. more than double the total for january of last year. [explosion] >> shepard: taliban fighters launched an assault today on a major city in the south of afghanistan. security forces say the militants attacked with machine guns and suicide vests but afghan and british troops were able to repel the fighters, we're le
to the united states. during this disaster, the world has shown an overwhelming amount of caring and compassion, and we saw that in action tonight as 22 marylanders volunteered to bring help to a country that desperately needs it. they are packed, ready to go, and going to haiti tonight. a 22-member medical team from shock trauma. governor martin o'malley was there to say goodbye. >> i wanted to thank all the people here from the university of maryland for representing all of us and trying to provide some relief to people who are suffering and hurting after the earthquake. >> field hospitals are overflowing and have long waiting lists. many haitians could die unless the u.s. military resumes airless to the united states. >> it is difficult to release these people with no food and no house. it is challenging. >> residents are turning to a black market for badly needed medical supplies, which is why these maryland doctors and nurses are bringing 8,000 pounds of equipment, medications, and supplies to the capital city. they will work round-the-clock shifts, performing up to 200 surgery's a week, l
. here is a look at the satellite- radar for the eastern united states or for the mid-atlantic. can you see, as we were saying yesterday, awe lot of that precipitation that you see as far as the snow goes, you see how it hits the mountains and doesn't make it over the mountains. that will be more of the same. we do see off the north and east some development of some light precipitation. right now, 36-degree in the nation's capital. relative humidity, 67%. your forecast for today, partly to mostly sunny. we'll see more clouds this morning than we will it the latter part of the day. the winds will pick up 15, 20 miles per hour gusting up to 30, 35 miles per hour but our temperatures quite nice. we are being look for a high of 50 degrees in the district. >> may as well enjoy it today i guess. >> yes, it will get colder. >> we'll enjoy today then. let's check in with julie wright and get an early look at traffic. >> so far, so good. no incidents to report. traffic volume still flowing at speed at the wilson bridge. all lane are open traveling southbound on 95 and 295 out of laurel head down
, with other countries including the united states. in fact there is a tent city not far from where i am standing that actually being administered by the 82nd airborne division of the army which is home to about an estimated 75,000 people already. but the tent cities that are to you being built are actually farther out of town than even that. and they will include just simply tents to begin with but farther down the road they are hoping to include more permanent structures sense we are coming up to in four weeks time the rainy season and soon after that the hurricane season and obviously tents aren't very good for that. >> warner: now meanwhile back in the city where you have all these make-shift settlements, what is the aid distribution system like there. is it any better than say yesterday or the day before? >> aid is getting better and better every day. ef reday i see more water trucks on the street. more food trucks distributing aid there are still long lines for it. because food is still so expensive here everything is price gouged. so for example, if your eye drops cost $3 before t
the al-qaeda in the arabian pen lanes and what its future may be in the united states and the letter reads in part it appears the decision not to thoroughly interrogate abdulmutallab was made by you and other senior officials in the department justice. moreover those with knowledge of this decision have said they are concerned with certain aspects of it without prior approval from your department, so the top senate republican is saying he wants some transparency in this decision, he wants to know who made the decision, the rationale for that decision, and i find it interesting they wants to know why the fbi director apparently is being prevented from discussing it fully with members of congress. jane catherine, i understand you spoke to a former fbi agent who's raising the question what about the quality of this information that abdulmutallab provided? >> reporter: this is the story i've been trying to get at for some time and i think today i've finally been able to. based on what i've heard from my contacts we know that abdulmutallab was severely burned, and i was told that after he
"patriot's history of the united states." "new deal or raw deal." you want to see the future, look at the past. woodrow wilson, "the roots >> i'm kimberly guilfoyle. he going took the night off and this is a fox news alert. tonight, a powerful winter storm is barreling through the southeast. right now, portions of virginia, the carolinas and georgia are getting hammered with up to a foot of snow while tonight an iced over oklahoma, 13,000 homes are in the dark. marianne silbur joins us from the heart of the storm in chattanooga, tennessee. >> reporter: this storm moved across tennessee yesterday and into chattanooga where we were on our way up north, trying to get further north where the storm was going to hit today. it did quite a bit of damage, dropped a lot of snow, ice. ice packed and snow packed all over every roadway. before the storm got out here, it hit arkansas and oklahoma. also here in tennessee, the governor declared a state of emergency on friday when the storm was moving through in preparation, letting some state workers and also other workers go home early. they wer
hatched outside the united states, and then accomplished against the united states. it's the worst attack in the history of this country. so what are we doing? this is a public relations gimmick to try him in a civilian court. >> because the art i get some have made is if he's found guilty, the self-proclaimed mastermind of 9/11, if a civilian court finds him guilty, a criminal court before the whole world watching, he's sentenced to death, and executed, that would be for the world, for america's reputation as a recruiting tool against clade, much better than if a military court were to do the same thing. i see you're smiling, but the argument -- you wouldn't have all the benefits that he would have in a civilian court. >> that's not going to make a darned bit of difference to the terrorists who want to kill us or murder us. it is going to cut off questioning and intelligence as it did on christmas day. finally, all of that will mean nothing, because the president of the united states and the attorney general have very unprecedented way announced he's going to be found guilty. so his conv
place for the united states of america. >> i will point out the president and vice president will be in florida today as part of the announcement of $8 billion in recovery act money to go toward developing high speed rail. the president vowing not to abandon his health care overhaul despite the loss in massachusetts last week. a lot of people were sleeping in davos when the president was speaking, but i'm sure feedback is starting to trickle in. maria and ross have all the details from davos. >> hey, brian, good to see you. maria is joining us for the next couple of days. and it was 3:00 in the morning, that state of the union speech. but i know you were up watching it. >> i actually did watch it a little bit. i know you did. >> actually, then they repeated it. the president heard the american people's claims and the issue of putting jobs first. a number of people here are talking about that as well as talking about the possibility of future risks. one thing that keeps coming up is the risk of sovereign debt crises around the world. getting into that more to talk about the u.
business. it's in excusable when national security is involved. that the president of the united states should tell the cia to issue guidance of the timely distribution of intelligence reports is unsettling to put it mindly. it's mind-boggling the president felt the need to instruct the director of national intelligence to take further steps to raise the standard of trade craft analysis especially analysis designed to uncover terrorists plots either this is boilerplate or the country is in a world of trouble. that's "washington post" this morning. here's the "wall street journal". failure to connect the dots. the antiterror education of president obama continued yesterday with the white house report blameing the white house report counter terrorism community as a whole from a failure to connect the dots of intelligence that would have prevented uma farouk abdulmutallab from boarding a plane on christmas day. mr. obama blamed no one in particular for the failure and not even george bush. in one sense this is a refreshing sense the president said the bucharest stops with him. what's your
, if you're a caterpillar for example, or united technologies. but pretty muted growth in the united states and primarily moving stocks around today. finally wanted to note, big volume in toyota motors as you would expect here. by the way, people who make that accelerator petal, cts, automotive parts suppliers they are working with toyota on that but that stock is down here today as well. scott, how are we looking on at nasdaq where i am sure it is all apple. >> good for about half of a percent or so. clearly as bob mentioned, though, the focus is on apple with the release of the ipad. take a look, shares are up 1.5% right now but some the speck, jim goldman in the next hour of the "closing bell," will give you a complete wrap of how steve jobs unveiled this device out in california, but nonetheless here it is, 1/2 inch thick. the big deal and the that the stock is now positive because it was negative is that cost down at the bottom starting at $499. in fact, take a look at an intraday chart, because as this thing was first announced it took a long time to get to what the price was going to
. only the top two finishers will be going to vancouver to represent the united states. fletcher was named one of the finalists for the walter payton award, that is the man of the year award in the nfl. the winner will be announced at the super bowl. >> we will be ( clicking ) ( laughs, click ) when you hear a click, ( clicking ) you know it's closed and secure. that's why hefty food bags click closed. hefty! hefty! hefty! so you know you've helped lock in freshness and lock out air... to help prevent freezer burn. be sure it's secure with hefty food bags. just one click and you know it's closed. hefty! hefty! hefty! ( click, click, click ) >>> bring your umbrella if you are going anywhere tonight. >> take a look at all the rain on the way. the cold front will like -- will arrive late tomorrow morning, bringing cooler conditions. it did five degrees for the morning high temperature. it will fall during the afternoon hours. sushine on tuesday and wednesday, and those are snowflakes for thursday, friday, and into saturday. some really cold air is on the way once again. >> is wor to
. but overall, still tough in the united states and europe. and the same situation with the united technology, china's resumed growth in both businesses. developed world still weak. boeing, an impressive quarter. very solid commercial revenues. people like that and although early ork the outlook was viewed as a bit disappointing. traders turned that around fairly quickly. melissa, back to you. >> all right, thanks so much. >>> and all of that, the dow and the s&p and the nasdaq all ended the day in positive territory. let's go to matt nesto. he's got some breaking news on qualcomm. matt, what do you. >> reporter: yeah the biggest company reporting in the after-hours about an $80 billion market cap and now 4%, 5% lower after coming in way first quarter earnings per share that was fine, 62 cents versus a 56 estimatep. revenue was light though. and that's beginning of the problems, folks. they reduced their second quarter and full-year estimates at $49 to $53 is what they see for the second quarter. that is at least four cents lower than a 57 estimate and their revenues look light as well in the
trial accused of killing one of the late term abortion providers in the united states. he is charged with first degree murder in the death of dr. tiller. he admitted to killing him on may 31st while the doctor was serving as an usher. he claimed he did it to save the unborn. a witness from the church testified today. >> i told him to lie flat on his back. when i saw the flash and heard the gun pop i looked. i saw his hand out and he still had the gun in his hand. >> they have cameras in the courtroom in kansas. his attorney decided not to present his opening statement until after the prosecution presents its case. >>> time for a look at the weather. we dodged a bullet last night. we had the potential to get decent icing and slush. were wound the clock here going back 12 hours. look at this particular storm. you can see that precipitation changing over. the wintry mix gets drawn south and west of the city. temperatures in the 40s. last night we never got below the freezing mark. a little bit of sleet we did get a lot didn't stick. that's good for the morning rush. tonight we'll drop d
in the united states. >> reporter: she says they were in a different position. their process was already in the works. beginning the adoption process now though is unlikely. haiti's infrastructure is all but wiped out along with it birth certificates and other important papers. not to mention the massive task of trying to reunite families and determine just who is a real orphan. >> there needs to be a structure put in place between haiti and the united states so that this could be expedited at a later time. this is not the time right now to initiate an adoption from haiti. >> reporter: for now agencies like adoptions together are telling american families to be patient. suggesting that if they want to help and do something more immediate donate to the haitian relief. >> adoptions together says in a normal situation it would take up to a year to adopt. they also remind people that there are plenty of children in the u.s. that needs homes adds well. >>> we want to remind you that several networks are hosting a telethon for earthquake relief tomorrow. big names lining up to appear include b
on terror threats to the united states. this comes days after the airing of a new tape which appears to be from osama bin laden and weeks after the failed christmas day plane bombing. britain raised its terror threat level over the weekend and passengers arriving here from the u.k. say they experienced much- tighter security measures. >> they were frisking everybody -- frisking everything before you got on the plane. it takes longer to load and there is a general sense that things are a little more, there's more security than this in the past. >> reporter: one reason british officials cited for raising their terror threat status was an unusually high number of people on no-fly lists who have been trying to board u.s.-bound flights. >>> now for the latest information on the earthquake in haiti. survivors of the quake are asking the world for tents. even the president of haiti says he will sleep in one for shelter because his palace is in ruins. he has asked the world to donate 200,000 tents. any shipments will be given priority landing at the port-au- prince airport. today marks two w
. but none of the largest deals that were done during that period in the united states have gone bankrupt. if you take the 20 largest deals done in a bubble period, so-called, none of them have filed for bankruptcy. some of them have problems, but actually, they're being re structured and i think many of them will get good returns for their invest everies. >> is 2010 the year that private equity can build up and roll them back out? >> you'll see a lot of ipos this year. but he'll see a lot of strategic sales, sales of company to strategic buyers because they're back in the market, as well. and financial buyers will buy things from other financial buyers. so i think you'll see a fair amount of buying activity this year. >> joe is in the studio and he has a question, too. >> i love the general fighting the last war, david. that's so apt. and i can mention about five really well known pundits that are fienting the last war. and none of them actually make investments or run private equity firms, which it's easy to be that way if you actually don't have to, you know, be involved in the economy
that with words. >> it's tough for the president of the united states to say he's not the establishment. >> dan, what do you think? do you think it's time if the president wants to win back a lot of support from the people who put him in that office, does he though out the old state of the union rule back about getting up and say, here is what i'm going to do on health care, here is what i'm going to do on education, here is what i'm going to do on foreign policy, instead talk to americans about the economy, the pocketbook, the confidence they have not only in the financial system but about in government in general? >> contessa, it's very hard to do that in a particular setting. there's a script for state of the union speeches which is pretty well established. they are generally not remembered for their soaring rhetoric. they are remembered mostly they are a serious of programmatic paragraphs fought over for months. every president wants to elevate above that to the best of their ability but it's difficult to do that to do what you're talking about will take a much more sustained effort, one he
this hour. flights transporting haitians into the united states have been suspended because of logistical issues. the white house says there's no official policy to suspend the flights, but the situation arose because they were running out of room. charlie crist has asked the federal government to help florida and other states help pay the costs of treating those patients. >>> new revelations about a man who could have been your president and who washington insiders say could have put the democratic party in political jeopardy. john edwards admitted to fathering a child out of wedlock, after lying to everyone about it. lurid details all released in a book called the politician, written by edwards long time confidant andrew young. >>> toyota owners can expect to hear from the company in the near future. toyota spokesman tells cnn it's met with federal safety officials and is finalizing a plan to replace gas pedals that could stick. those are your headlines this hour. keeping you informed. cnn the most trusted name in news. national car rental knows i'm always in a rush. they let me charge
information we'll bring it to you. >>> flights transporting haitians into the united states have been stalled because of logistical issues. there's been no policy to suspend the flights but the situation arose because they were running out of room. charlie crist has asked the federal government to help florida pay the costs of treating those patients. >> they're not stopping coming into florida. i wrote a letter to secretary sibelius explaining assistance would be helpful to us. it will make a difference, because of florida's proximity we bore the brunt of it. we are happenty to continue. >> there have been 435 medivac flights from haiti to florida so far. >>> millions of dollars have poured into haiti, but the situation there is still desperate. barbara star reports. >> reporter: desperate haitians still struggling for food, water and shelter nearly three weeks after the earth wake. more than 100 countries and 500 relief organizations and 20,000 american troops are here. it's still not enough for the more than 1 million displaced. listen to the top u.s. commander. >> we're still not up to me
earthquake victims to the united states. kerry sanders will have more on that in a moment, but our coverage from port-au-prince begins with nbc's michelle kosinski and those americans accused of child trafficking. michelle, good evening. >> reporter: good evening, lester. there's this wall of confusion. the i shall on both sides being what exactly is going on here. the haitian government believes this church group was involved in an illicit adoption scheme. the group says it was simply moving some orphans to a better home. but how much they knew about these children and how much they should have known are serious questions tonight. 33 children, age 2 months to 12 years, were taken off a bus that had been stopped trying to cross the xwroerd inborder into the d republic. the kids had been in the care of ten americans, an idaho baptist church group now held in jail for a second day by haitian authorities and accused of attempted child trafficking. the government here says the americans had no official documents for these children. >> without passport, without paper. >> reporter: the group told
: if you don't go to the united states and the others cannot go, what is the future here? >> we don't have a future here. >> reporter: and fears a future in the united states may never happen. kerry sanders, nbc news, port-au-prince, haiti. >> reporr: this is andrea mitchell in washington. the heart-breaking stories of loss and occasionally salvation. inspiring thousands of anguished calls to a state department nerve center. the most frequent question, how to adopt a child? only children matched with u.s. families before the earthquake can be adopted says the state department's cheryl mills. >> we don't want to take children who have loving families who want them in haiti. we want to make sure we are taking children who had the occasion to be identified as orphans and have families here in the united states waiting for them. >> reporter: approximately 1,100 u.s. adoptions from haiti were pending before the earthquake. of these, more than 350 children have arrived in the u.s. 121 more are approved, ready to go. another 500 may still be eligible. even for these families, the process isn't ea
this country, that threatens the economic security of the united states. progressives should support that effort, as many did today, because they understand if you fail to act, social security is going broke. medicare is going broke. it is not progressive to allow those programs to fail. >> woodruff: senator greg, why is this bipartisan task force idea that the two of you were pushing, why was that the right way to go or why is it the right way to go? >> because these issues are so big, judy, that you can't address them in a partisan way. you have to have everybody at the table. everything has to be on the table-- entitlements and tax issues-- or otherwise the american people don't trust the results. the american people inherently understand if it isn't bipartisan, it probably won't be fair. we set up this task force in a manner that not only was bipartisan but also required super majorities to report. 14 of 18. so that neither side could gain the other. it required super majorities to pass it in the senate so nobody could game anybody. the results of this task force would be seen as
transporting critically injured haitians into the united states have been temporarily suspended because of logistical issues. the white house says there is no official policy to suspend the flights, but the situation arose because they were running out of room. florida governor charlie crist has asked the federal government to help florida and other states to help pay the cost of treating those patients. >> they're not stopping coming into florida. i wrote a letter to secretary sebelius that federal assistance would be helpful to us and if we could share that with some of our sister states, it would make a big difference. because of florida's proximity to haiti, we've born the brunt of it. we're happy to continue. >> according to the white house, there have been 435 medevac flights from haty to the united states so far. >>> millions of dollars have poured into haiti, but the situation there is still desperate. barbara starr reports. >> reporter: desperate haitians still struggling for food, water and shelter nearly three weeks after the earthquake. more than 100 countries and 500 relief
the united states of america? to me that state of the union address was a joke. it was a lot of talk but nothing seems to get done. >> reporter: i hope the guy in the chair liked his hair cut as well. ireporter nelson may of north carolina says he's an independent. he says the democrats and republicans, he says they're not doing their jobs, but still he has hope. >> you might have the new america in which these politicians reach across the party lines, come to some agreement and actually care about solving the problems. >> there you go. >> reporter: now, our newsroom blog, tony, has been very busy with your viewers, independent voters describing themselves, sharing their political ideologies. he writes independents don't care about political affiliations, they just want to see progress an results. walter rights independents want change. neither party will deliver it. limit representatives and senators to two terms, just as the president. congress is not a career path. this viewer says get in, get things done, get out and make room for others with ideas. run again later, if you wish.
, president obama pledged the full support of the united states. >> haitians are our neighbors in the americas and here at home, so we have to be there for them in their hour of need. >> reporter: the "uss carl vincent" will be a base at sea to provide communications and supplies like fresh water. many have taken to the internet to show support. less than 24 hours after the quake, a text message campaign has raised more than $1 million for the red cross. and that help i soarly needed, as we've just said. in fact, still now, there are stories emerging of people still waiting for medical care. currently, most of the hospitals are down, and so people are in clinics, basically out on the street, triage clinics, people are coming to these clinics asking for help, but there are a lot of people, matt and meredith, who are not still now getting the medical care they need after this devastating earthquake. now back to you. >> and we're hearing there are no medical supplies to be had. let's brg in brian williams, who is there at the airport along with ann and al. brian, good morning to you. >> reporter:
to things that was not possible. socialism in america and president of the united states firing the ceo of general motors and chrysler secured bond holders vilified . what is happening to this country that i love? literally the first week of march after looking at one too many headlines i said hell no. i started brighting a novel. that can personalize it and deliver the information in a way people can acess in an easy to read fashion. >> final point here, the patriots point of view is why you wrote the novel. what is the patriots point of view. >> a patriot gets back to his values and fights for his values. our country was built on captitalism and small government. at the are the had of the country, you have to live to your value. if you don't live to your value in the times of chrisis, you would escape what you really are. appreciate you for joining us. thank you so much. >> thank you very much. >> dave and allie in the green room. someone is in there that i will see right now. >> president obama is sitting down with president george h. wbush. we'll tell you why. >> hillary clinton and
with our reporters. so stand by. other important news, the president of the united states is getting ready for his state of the union address tore night when he goes before congress, listen closely to how much applause he gets or doesn't get for his new plan to try to limit federal spending senior administration officials tell us mr. obama will call for a partial three-year spending freeze. that's just a drop in the bucket for a federal budget for more than $3 trillion. look at this. over half the federal budget goes to entitlements and other mandatory spending. those programs would not be affected like social security or defense. defense and other national security as i say would not be affected at all. that means the freeze would target about a fifth of the budget, but in the schemes of things not a huge amount of money. the president is already getting flack from both sides of the aisle. our dana bash asked senator john mccain for his reaction. you may remember that he rejected senator mccain's called for a spending freeze during the 2008 campaign. >> reporter: he said your proposal was
. they beat, too. china's strength here, but generally weakness in the united states. boeing is down 1%. 2010 guidance disappointed the street overall. here is toyota which is going to be very busy this morning down 7% right now. trader scott, how we looking at the nasdaq? >> thanks so much. many of the big cap technology stocks looking positive in the premarket. apple the big story unveiling the tablet perhaps the worst kept secret in all of technology. nonetheless the shares are modestly higher ahead of that. amazon is up about 1%. a couple upgrades today. price target going from jani capital up from 1.60 to 2.35. yahoo up as well as wrulresultsn line. it sees positive revenue growth in the first quarter, the first time in six quarters yahoo achieves that. gilead is higher by 5% after better than expected results. united airlines on better than expected results as well. its parent company uaua is up about 3.5%. let's go to sharon at the nymex. >> oil prices are basically flat nearing the $75 mark as we wait for the energy department data on weekly petroleum supplies. the amer
, illinois. i don't want them in there either. >> you don't want them in the united states at all. i think they belong in the guantanamo, where the combatants, the military combatants against the united states of america do not in my opinion should not have a civilian trial. it should be the military tribunal where it should go and take them off the soil of the united states of america. >> now, let's be honest, money talks and certainly talks in politics, that's what drives politics all the time. how these guys get reelected on a regular basis. 200 million dollars for newburgh, new york, which as the mayor points out, a poor area. what can you do with 200 million in that city. >> 200 million is for security issues only, it's not for programming, it's not for-- he said a tourist attraction. we have great tourist attractions in orange county. woodbury common, west point. i don't want to be known as the capital of terrorists. in this nation or in the world, in newburgh, new york. it won't stop. >> have you talked to mayor about it. >> i have talked to mayor, yesterday and friday. >> what did
facebook comments. lisa wrote, every single person in the united states should have the right to vote. it is what this country was based on. seems a few would like to stop that. that is unconstitutional. that is just the beginning of this discussion, christi. it is an interesting one. we think it's one worth having because it actually affects thousands of people. there are thousands of inmates, you know, millions of people that have opinions about this. >> yeah. one of them is on my facebook page, too. riley wrote to us saying, yes, absolutely not. but the reason that they're in prison, she says, is because they committed a crime and lost their rights. they should have no say in the government and should not be allowed to vote. period. very emphatic there. >> yes, very emphatic. and probably more people are lining up with that opinion but not everyone so we're trying to give you a good sample here. we want to continue the conversation. the question is, should prison inmates have the right to vote? okay, jump on the phone, 1-877-tell-hln. if you prefer you can e-mail us at
an unrelated recall involving 646,000 cars. 140,000 were sold in the united states as the honda fit. this recall covers 2007 and 2008 models, but not any later models. honda says extreme amounts of rain or melted snow can actually flood the master window power switch creating a fire hazard. it says the problem caused one death in south africa and there are no reports of any injuries, however, in the united states. >>> what's next for haiti? international efforts to rebuild the earthquake-ravaged country are in full force now, but it is nowhere near enough. to make matters worse, it's not even clear just how many are in dire need. barbara starr has that side of the story. >> reporter: desperate haitians struggling for food, water and shelter nearly three weeks after the earthquake. more than 100 countries and 500 relief organizations and 20,000 american troops are here. but it's still not enough for the more than 1 million displaced. listen to the top u.s. commander. >> we are still not up to meeting the needs of the haitian people as far as the amount of supplies that are there. we
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